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Dubrovnik Diving Sites

The diversity of wildlife life, underwater walls, shipwrecks and plane wrecks, archeological sites, caves and  reefs will leave every single diver brathless. Sights include shipwrecks dating back to ancient times found along the sea trading routes running northwards from Greece and  the Roman Empire and its colonies on the Adriatic to World War Two.



Location: GPS: N 42 39 43 | E 18 01 10;
Distance: 4 nm; Depth: 57 m
Main characteristics: flora & fauna; wall; cave;
Pt. Bezdan lies on the southern shore of the Island of Koločep where the sheer cliffs that are to be found in the north drop gradually, creating slopes and shallows; this dramatic transition is best seen beneath the lighthouse where the slope drops suddenly and sharply into the abyss, making it an interesting diving site with numerous passages, openings and smaller caves. Find more information on Bezdan diving site: here


Location: GPS: N 42 39 40 | E 18 01 10;
Distance: 4 nm; Depth: 40 m
Main characteristics: flora & fauna; wall; cave; crag;
Jabuka is a small crag that lies on the outer side of the Island of Koločep, 100 m west of the beacon and beneath the cliff that faces the open sea. It is separated from the mainland by a narrow 5-metre channel. Find more information on Jabuka diving site: here.

Mala Afrika

Location: GPS: N 42 39 02 | E 18 03 30;
Distance: 2 nm; Depth: 40 m
Main characteristics: flora & fauna; wall; cave; crag; archeological site; night dive
This site lies in the southwest part of the Lapad peninsula, between the mainland and Greben. Find more information on Mala Afrika diving site: here

Grebeni Island

Location: GPS: N 42 39 04 | E 18 03 16;
Distance: 4 nm;
Main characteristics: flora & fauna; wall; cave; crag; night dive
In front of Grebeni island is this famous wreck, dating from 1943. The well-preserved upper deck is at 22m and the entire wreck houses a variety of fish. Find more information on Grebeni Island diving: here


Location: GPS: N 42 38 01 | E 18 06 53;
Distance: 4 nm; Depth: 40 m
Main characteristics: flora & fauna; wall; wreck
A small cove lies in the southwest part of the Island of Lokrum, close to Pt. Galija and beneath a cliff face; to the right is a small thumb -shaped point. For more information on Tomislav diving site: here.

Island of Lokrum

Location: GPS: N 42 37 18 | E 18 07 13;
Distance: 4 nm; Depth: 5 m;
Main characteristics: flora & fauna; wall; cave;
The cliffs of the mystical Island of Lokrum conceal a lake called The Dead Sea measuring some 20 m. The waves pounding on the cliff produce an eerie sound. According to legend, evil powers reside here. The lake can be reached via an undersea tunnel that lies on the island’s south shore. Find more information on Lokrum diving site: here


Location: GPS: N 42 39 08 | E 18 02 35;
Distance: 2.6 nm; Depth: 54 m
Main characteristics: flora & fauna; wrach;
In front of Grebeni, half a mile west of Dubrovnik, lie the remains of the Taranto, an Italian trading vessel built in Rotterdam in 1899 and mobilised by the Italian navy during the war for transporting military provisions. On 15 February 1943, while transporting flour and tractors to Dubrovnik, she ran into a mine near Grebeni, hit the cliff, shattering her bow, and sank. Today, this 62-metre vessel serves as an artificial bank. Two tractors stand next to the wreck on the sandy seabed, ready for ploughing. The maximum depth here is 53 m. Find more information on Taranto diving site: here.

Sv. Andrija

Location: GPS: N 42 38 42 | E 18 5 09
Distance: 7 nm; Depth: 80 m
Main characteristics: flora & fauna; wall
The Island of Sveti Andrija lies approximately 2 nm southwest of Lopud. Since 1873 its lighthouse has served as a beacon for seafarers approaching the City of Dubrovnik. According to legend, forbidden love forced two lovers to end their lives by jumping off the cliff and into the depths beneath the lighthouse. Today, these waters are a perfect diving site; the cliff drops to 80 m and a sandy seabed. The sensation you experience when diving into one of the most beautiful blue depths on the Adriatic is that of profound tranquillity. Find more information on Sv. Andrija diving site: here.

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