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The coastal parts of Dubrovnik Region are rich in small and medium game fish. Most interesting species for fishermen’s are base (crnoguza), European sea bass (smudut), common sea bream (pagar), white sea bream (sarag) and gold base (ovrata). When eating in restaurants, it is a safe bet to order any of the fish species mentioned above because they all have top quality white and tender meet.


Big game fishing

The deeper parts are offering the challenge of fishing for big game, with Yellow tail Amberjack (Orhan), Swordfish (Iglun), Bluefin tuna (Tuna) and, the king of them all, the Dentex (Zubatac), being the preferred game. Big game or deep sea fishing is not very organized in Dubrovnik Region, and it is mostly with private fisherman that such trips can be arranged. 


For all interested we can arrange big game fishing or other fishing trips. Please contact us for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



spearfishingSpearfishing has deep roots and a very long tradition in Dubrovnik Region. The underwater relief offers a variety of bottoms and the underwater visibility is very good. The most interesting game for spearfishermen is all of the game mentioned above, together with various mullets, brown meagre and, of course, the queen among them all, the grouper.

The fish population has decreased over the recent years, please note that there are strict regulations about the game size and the total day catch.

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