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Bikers Cafe Dubrovnik

Bikers Caffe Dubrovnik is well known bar in Dubrovnik. Magnificent view of the Dubrovnik Old Town, interior decorated with bikers pictures, bike parts and gear, excellent coffee, beer selection, good music and pleasant staff make Bikers caffe 


"Perched up in a neighbourghood just above Ploče, this place is worth seeking out to meet up with bike fans from around the world. The friendly staff will try their best to sort you out with a place to stay." Source: In Your Pocket


"This iconic theme cafe is a first rate joint for racers and bike lovers. Located at Ploce in the old town region, Biker’s Cafe is patronized by the Libertas Club that comprises some of the most famous bike riders in the city.

Visitors can enjoy a beautiful vista of the Island of Lokrum and the old town streets, while sipping on a chilled beer and listening to some pure rock ‘n’ roll. You are sure to find interesting locals for company at the tables of this informal yet comfortable watering hole."Source: World 66


Find Bikers Caffe on map.

Address: Petra Krešimira IV street  37, Dubrovnik 



Free parking for bikes


Old Town view

Smoking allowed


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