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Dalmatian Wines

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Dalmatian wines are made the way they fit the Dalmatian food. Exceptional climate conditions in Dalmatian coast are very generous towards wine grapes that are exposed to Sun almost 280 days a year. Because of that Dalmatian wines are, in general, stronger than wines in Croatian continental areas. They have specific taste that can not be compared with any other wine sorts. No one who considers himself / herself a real Dalmatian would miss a glass of wine after a meal. Mixture of a red wine and plane water is very appreciated in Dalmatia is called Bevanda. Dubrovnik’s region has a few sorts of wine that are typical for this region:

Grk (14-15% of alcohol). the dry white wine from the island of Korčula. It is characterized by shiny golden color and specific rich, velvety taste.

Pošip  (12-12,5% of alcohol) the dry white wine from island of Korčula. It is characterized by crystal clear greenish-yellow color; velvety and graceful.

Malvasia – (12% alcohol) the dry white wine from Konavle valley; bright, grapey fresh wine.

Maraština (12-12,5% of alcohol) the dry white wine from the island of Lastovo; intense and vigorous wine with a fresh, fruity flavor.

Dingač (15-16% of alcohol), a thick red wine from the peninsula of Pelješac; ellegant, well structured, robust wine with rich, long, complex finish.

Postup (14-15% of alcohol) red wine from the Pelješac Peninsula; chewy, hearty, heady wine.

Plavac: (13% of alcohol) the sort of red wine produced all over Dalmatia.  Fresh and unusually light, specific grapey taste.

Prosecco - a sweet dessert wine

Besides wines local Croatian alcohol beverages are loza (grape brandy) and travarica (herbal brandy)

The old Dalmatian proverb says that fish swims three times:

The first time in the sea;
The second time in olive oil;
And the third time in wine.

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