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Events in Dubrovnik

Events in Dubrovnik Foto:

Dubrovnik is the town of festivities. All year around there are events: starting with Festivity of Saint Blase, the patron of Dubrovnik in February and ending with New Year's celebration at Stradun. Besides St. Blase Day, the most famous event in Dubrovnik is the Opening of Dubrovnik Summer Festival in July. 


February 3, - St. Blaise Festivity and the Day of the City of Dubrovnik

July 10, - Dubrovnik Summer Festival Opening ( it lasts untill August 25.)

August 05, -  Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day 

December 6, - St. Nicholas Day, The Day of Dubrovnik Defenders and the Day of Seamen,

December 24, - Christmass Eve

December 25, - Christmass

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