Chronology of Dubrovnik in11th century

10th-11th centuries

The people of Dubrovnik filled in the canal between the inhabited island and the mainland. The settlement spread right to the foot of the hill Srđ, and the whole area was encircled with a wall.


The Venetian Duke, Pietro II Orseolo, captured the whole of the Croatian Adriatic coast and on the little island of Majsan, near Korcula, the Dubrovnik people officially recognized the Duke's rule.


Dubrovnik freed herself from the control of Venice and returned to the protection of the Byzantine Empire.


The first written document of Dubrovnik origin - the Benedictines received the islet of Lokrum as a gift.


As a result of the segregation of the town's community into patricians and commoners, a new class, the nobles (nobiles) is mentioned for the first time.


The Dubrovnik navy together with the Byzantine navy defeated the Saracen pirates, who had been plundering along the coastline of Illyria and Corfu.


According to chronicles, fort Lovrjenac was built by the people of Dubrovnik. Mentioned for the first time in 1301, it bears a famous inscription “Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro” (Liberty cannot be sold for all the gold in the world).


Dubrovnik, together with Croat and Norman naval forces, took part in the naval battle at Durazzo against Byzantine and Venetian fleets.


Dubrovnik recognized the sovereignty of the Normans. The assistance which they gave the Normans during the 1081-1085 war enabled them, with Norman help, to penetrate the markets of Southern Italy, Apulia and Sicily. In centuries to come this area became one of the main trading spheres for the town and a spring-board for trade and maritime business in the Mediterranean.


Pope Clement III established an Archbishopric at Bar and separated it from Dubrovnik.


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Prepared by Josip Lucic

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