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Sponza Palace

On the northern side of Luza Square is the monumental Sponza (Divona, Fondik). It was built in the period 1515-1522, in the transitional style from Gothic to Renaissance, according to the designs by Paskoje Milicevic; the stone-masonry was done by Nikola and Josip Andrijic. It was used as the customs house (therefore occasionally called Divona), mint, national treasury, bank and fondaco (office for goods evaluation). It was also the seat of the Dubrovnik academies during and after the Renaissance. On the ground floor, in front of the façade is a Renaissance portico; the first floor has Gothic windows and the second floor Renaissance windows. The yard is enclosed by corridors with arcades. The front loggia (which today houses the original "Greenies" and the old clock works from the Town Belfry) bears the Latin inscription: FALLERE NOSTRA VETANT ET FALLI PONDERA - MEQUE FONDERO DUM MERCES, PONDERAT IPSE DEUS (Do not cheat or falsify the measures; while I am weighing the goods, God is weighing with me). The Sponza also houses the National Archives of the Dubrovnik Republic (comprising about 2.7 million written pages of various documents, agreements etc. from the 13th c. to the fall of the Republic).

Information provided by: Leksikografski zavod "Miroslav Krleža"; Masmedia d.o.o.

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