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Placa, the main street of Dubrovnik, was formed after the shallow sea that separated the settled island from the mainland was filled in between the 10th and 11th centuries. The spatial layout of the Placa today was determined by construction regulations dating back to 1296. The Venetians named the famous Placa “Augmentary Stradun”, roughly translated as “uličetina” (Broadway). Placa is 298 metres long. In 1360, it was laid with bricks, and in 1468 and 1901, with stone. The main street of Dubrovnik begins and ends with fountains that accentuate the chamber-effect of Dubrovnik. Two Onofrio fountains were marked in the layout plan of Dubrovnik as the end points of the envisaged church, in which the large fountain with the sixteen stone-carved heads was the main baptistery, and the slender fountain under the Bell Tower was only a container for holy water. Placa (Stradun) is a favourite gathering and meeting place for the locals and visitors of the Dubrovnik, the location for all the most important events, and a place where one can both see and be seen. It is not said in vain: “If you haven’t taken a walk across the Stradun, you haven’t been in Dubrovnik!”

Author: A. Cvjetković “The Streets of Dubrovnik”
Source: Welcome, City of Dubrovnik Tourist Board

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