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Weather in Dubrovnik


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The average summer temperatures in coastal area of Croatia range from 26 to 30 Celsius degrees.During the winter average temperature ranges from 5 to 15°C. Snow is very rare in coastal parts of Croatia. The swimming season lasts from May to September. Average sea temperatures during summer months are between 22 °C and 25 °C while the lowest temperature is 7 °C in winter 7. BURA wind arrives from north-east and blows from the inland towards the sea. It is cold and strong wind which brings nice weather. Bura creates small very short and choppy waves. JUGO is warm wind from the south blowing from the sea towards the land. It brings rough seas, heavy clouds and rain. MAESTRAL is a typical summer northwestern wind which blows during beautiful and stable weather. It usually starts blowing around noon and drops with the dusk.

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